Steph + Luke

It was lovely to be back at Castello Zamittello, the perfect setting for Steph & Luke's fun Summer wedding. The weather was gloriously warm, (missing the heat yet?) their friends were a blast, add these to Steph & Luke's relaxed fun loving personalities and you have plenty of amusing images. 

This wedding reminded me of why I love the cutting of the cake segment. In most of the weddings I photographed the couple are taken by surprise at how hard it is to cut through the cake. Some pull the knife out, give each other a kiss and leave it at that, while others are determined to cut through that cake - Steph falls clearly in the latter category. The look of sheer determination on her face and Luke's expression says it all. From a photographer's perspective these images are priceless and ones that will certainly evoke a good few laughs when you look through them in years to come. 

Have a look below...

Ceremony & Reception: Castello Zamittello